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Pre-Order The Good Careers Guide and The Good Universities Guide 2023 Flip Book

Release date December 2022. Pre-Order your copy now! 

This year, we're producing The Good Careers Guide in conjunction with The Good Universities Guide – a one-stop resource that streamlines the process of choosing a career and choosing a course.

What this means for you
Two guides in one – in the form of a flipbook! The Guide addresses the big questions that all people face during their career: 

1. What do I want to be?

Using The Good Careers Guide side of the flipbook, you can explore all the exciting career possibilities and the educational prerequisites required. The new and improved guide will still explore current industry trends and topics, plus hundreds of jobs descriptions. 

2. How do I get there?

As a trusted resource on higher education for 30 years, The Good Universities Guide helps join the dots from career to course. Using our independent university ratings, it's the perfect starting point to finding the right course and provider to match career goals. 

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