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The Australian Careers Service
The Australian Careers Service (ACS) is a free membership service developed for career practitioners and those that provide education and career pathway advice to others.

An ACS membership provides you with the opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in the careers service field, as well as provides access to resources to enhance the services you provide to students and clients.


ACS membership benefits

  • Free professional development events
    Held in nine locations throughout Australia, hear from education providers, industry bodies and employers about the career pathways available to your students.

  • Discounts on career resources
    Receive regular discounts on Good Education Group's marketing-leading education and career resources, including The Good Careers Guide and The Good Universities Guide.

  • Regular ACS eNewsletters
    Stay up to date with the latest developments in the field, industry trends, resources, conferences and networking opportunities.

  • Access to the ACS Website
    A hub for career advisers to gain industry knowledge, valuable resources and information on initiatives and events.

  • Access to industry information and research
    Gain access to a wealth of education data and industry research and be more informed on the issues surrounding the current education climate.


Become an ACS Member today!

To register for free as an Australian Careers Service Member or for further information, please visit, please visit