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About The Good Careers Guide

The Good Education Group is excited to announce the second edition of The Good Careers Guide.

The Guide was produced to ensure an easy-to-use, relevant and comprehensive resource continues to inform students of the education and career pathways available to them. The Guide offers detailed analysis of a broad spectrum of occupations and the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue them.

As all occupations will undoubtedly be affected by advancements in technology and the introduction of automation, it is important that all employees ensure their skill-sets remain up-to-date and relevant for an ever changing employment market.

That is why the new edition of The Good Careers Guide includes a focus on jobs of the future and entrepreneurship, providing valuable information on the growing job opportunities in various industries and the rise in start ups and small businesses.

The Good Careers Guide has been produced in consultation with career advisers to fill the gap left by Job Guide, a popular career exploration tool that ceased publication in March 2015

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Good Careers Guide on the Good Education AR appThe Good Careers Guide is complimented by a free augmented reality (AR) app that allows users to interact with the Guide and access additional information and interactive elements, including an easy-to-use aptitude test


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