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With our array of education data and expert knowledge on the Australian education sector, the Good Education Group is often approached to provide comments on issues in education, contribute articles for publication and supply ratings on courses and educational institutions. Please see below some of the media coverage our publications have received.


Careers experts don’t fear rise of robots

What will be a reliable career in 2022? According to The Good Careers Guide 2017, it will be in early education, special education, social work, occupational therapy and speech pathology. Read more

Campus Review, 30 May 2017


Most students will work in tech-focused jobs

A majority of students who started school last year will graduate to jobs that don’t currently exist, The Good Careers Guide has revealed. Read more

Herald Sun, 19 May 2017


Which extracurricular activity is right for your child?

Extracurricular activities are a quintessential element of Australian education with the choices endless and the benefits are varied, according to The Good Schools Guide. Read more

Aussie Kids Magazine, 14 March 2017


Time to energise the study of physics, technology and maths

The Good Careers Guide 2016 found that highly skilled STEM graduates earned more as ­demand for their maths and science skills gathered pace in the workforce. Read more

The Australian, 10 February 2017


Full steam ahead

The Good Universities Guide recommends considering a generalist degree if you have an idea of your interests but aren’t sure where they may lead you. Read more

Jetstar Magazine, 1 November 2016


World universities compete to win a place

Providing a guide aimed at the people most likely to use it has long been a characteristic of Australia’s Good Universities Guide, which allows students to compare ratings, courses, fees, campus facilities and employment outcomes. Read more

University World News, 2 September 2016


Choosing the right university

How do you know if you’re choosing the right university for you? List to podcast

TRIPLE J HACK, 29 August 2016


Top performing NSW universities revealed

The top-performing universities in New South Wales have been revealed in the latest ranking of tertiary institutions from The Good Universities Guide. Read more

ABC News, 29 August 2016


Top universities for a job: Regional students win

Large numbers of regional universities achieved five-stars for overall employment, suggesting higher competition for jobs among metro graduates and strong demand for graduates in some regional areas. Read more

Herald Sun, 29 August 2016


Making sense of university rankings

With so many universities claiming to be the best, how do you really understand what’s going on? In the 2017 Good Universities Guide prospective students will find a very different list of Australia’s top universities. Read more

Sydney Morning Herald, 29 August 2016


Single sex schools outperforming co-ed study

New findings from The Good Schools Guide show that single-sex non-government schools are outperforming their coeducational counterparts – but they come at a price. Read more

THE EDUCATOR, 8 August 2016


Single sex schools linked to higher academic outcomes

An analysis by The Good Schools Guide shows that pricey private schools don’t necessarily produce students with better academic results, and that putting kids in single sex schools makes more of a differences. Read more



Data shows single-sex schools outclass co-eds in vce results but cost more

Single-sex schooling costs more on average than a co-ed education, figures to be published in The Good Schools Guide Victoria 2017 shows. Read more

THE HERALD SUN, 29 July 2016


8 brilliant do's and don'ts for surviving and thriving at university

There are many apps to make life easy as a student, and these are just a few, according to The Good Universities Guide. Read more



Augmented reality enhances career planning app

Aimed to complement The Good Careers Guide, the Good Education AR app offers interactive digital content, including video, infographics and aptitude tests, and tailors insight and information unique to users. Read more

SHORTLIST, 28 June 2016


Employers keen on 21st century skills

Sadly, for many students, a degree is no longer a guarantee of a job. The Good Universities Guide reported in 2014 that up to half the students with a business or economics degree from some universities hadn’t secured full-time work in their field within four months of graduating. Read more



Go rural if you want to be a pharmacist

If you want to get involved in community pharmacy, you should head for the country. That’s the advice from the newly published Good Universities Guide. Read more

PHARMACY NEWS, 26 May 2016


New career guide lists 400+ occupations

The first annual Good Careers Guide was released to fill the gap left by Job Guide, which was published for the last time in 2015. Read more



STEM student graduates on top

The first Good Careers Guide from the Good Education Group has shown STEM students, especially those graduating in Dentistry,come out on top of their university peers—at least financially. Read more

BITE MAGAZINE, 10 May 2016


From the CEO: The importance of STEM skills

Chris Lester – Good Education Group’s CEO, urges students to pursue careers they’re passionate about, not just based off potential salary earnings. Read more



Top five degrees that will make you rich

The cost of an undergraduate degree shouldn’t be the only thing young Australians should take into consideration when choosing a course, some degrees will make you rich far quicker than others, according to the Good Education Group. Read more

YAHOO7, 10 May 2016


STEM graduates most likely to get jobs, earn more money

STEM graduates earn more money and are more likely to land a job. This was the message from The Good Education Group, which released its first Good Careers Guide today. Read more

NEWS.COM.AU, 10 May 2016


Single-sex vs coeducational schools

One of the best things parents can do is have a good look around schools and ask probing questions about the issues and concerns of importance to them and their child. The Good Schools Guide website provides information on when schools hold open days. Read more



The hardest uni courses to get into

The Good Universities Guide editor Joanna Schwarz says ATARs were not the be all and end all for school leavers and there were lots of alternative entry options for students who didn’t achieve the score they expected. Read more

NEWS.COM.AU, 20 February 2016


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