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Key dates to remember for parents

You'll receive lots of information from schools and other sources, but we have summarised some of the key dates throughout the year that you should have in your calendar such as school term dates, secondary school enrolment application dates, VCAA dates and National weeks.

Why choose boarding for your child?

There are many reasons for parents and students to choose to live away from home during their secondary schooling. The Good Schools Guide explores the benefits of Boarding and Homestay options and how to make the right decision for your child.

Choosing a school outside of your local area

You have more than your fair share of decisions to make when choosing a school for your child, from its sector, gender and ethos, to some of the more practical considerations like location. For some, the local school is a natural choice… but what if you’re considering a school outside of your local area?

When should children start school?

Every now and then, questions arise about the right age for children to start school. Some worry about the best age for primary school entry, others about the maturity level required before children can progress to secondary school. The Good Schools Guide explores the debate as to the when a child should start school.